About us

Welcome to Hi Street, a renowned men’s footwear and emerging clothing brand in Pakistan. At Hi Street, your choices define a new path, transforming your style into a statement.
"Delve into our journey – our inception, evolution, and where we’re heading."
In 2016, our vision was to showcase the allure of handmade leather shoes to the world. Our determination yielded success, propelling us from a single location to a network of 11 physical stores and a reputable online platform. Reflecting on the remarkable journey we've undertaken!

Beyond our exquisite handmade shoes, discover an extensive selection of men's accessories—belts, wallets, shoe care essentials, and sprays. Rest assured, you're in the right place to refine your style.

As for clothing, our diverse styles uphold our unwavering commitment to quality. Feel free to explore and effortlessly elevate your style with Hi Street, ensuring fashionable success in every season.